Burmese Myanmar Kalaga Tapestry

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Burmese Myanmar Kalaga Tapestry.

Huge early to mid-century Burmese Kalaga tapestry of dragons and Tai Dancers surrounding three tapestry framed warriors with the outside worriers both on dragons and the center worrier on the elephant padded and textured with stones, sequins and intricate Burmese silk threading.

These masterpieces take months of hand-stitched embroidering to complete custom framed and silk matted.

Asian, Hindu, India, Thailand and Burmese Kalaga Silk, Sequins Stones, Quilt, Velvets, Hand-Stitched Embroidered Antique Tapestry.

H 52"

W 77"

D 15"

Weight about 40 lbs.

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